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Rules of GaboMS Empty Rules of GaboMS

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:44 am

Please follow these rules in game and in forum, if not you will be banned, jailed, or face any other consequences.

1. Strictly no hacking is allowed.
Consequences: Permanent Ban

2. Strictly no spamming is allowed.
Consequences: Mute and Jail for 24 hours

3. Strictly no scamming is allowed.
Consequences: Ban for 7 days and Item wipeout

4. Do not abuse anyone or use any informal or abusive language
Consequences: Mute and Jail for 24 hours

5. Do not beg for mesos, if others say no, then leave him/her alone!
Consequences: Jail for 30 minutes

These are just simple rules, don't risk to break these rules!


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