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sp33dythundr's gm application Empty sp33dythundr's gm application

Post  sp33dythunder on Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:42 pm

IGN: sp33dythundr

AGE: 15

EXPERIENCE: i dont have that much experience as a gm on maplestory, but on other games i do, but im a quick learner so ill catch on fast, and i've also been playing maplstory for atleast a year now.


HOW LONG HAVE U PLAYED GABOMS: i haven't played gaboms ever but im going to start soon and like i said earlier ill catch on fast.

HOW WILL U BENFIT US: i can keep an eye out for hackers/glitcher's/cheaters, i can manage in-game issues, and HELP with events and what not, and probably anything else u need help with.

ANYTHING ELSE: theres really nothing else i can say except please approve my gm application and thank you


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